Language-independent, fixed date format


It should be possible to define a “fixed date format” regardless of the language selection.

Current behavior:
The display of the date depends on the selection of the profile language.


  • The “pretty Date” timestamp is defined in the admin interface
  • when the profile-language is set to englisch (US): the date is shown as “06/18/2019 10:22”
  • when the profile-language is set to englisch (GB) it will change to “18/06/2019 10:22”

→ If Zammad is used internationally, i.e. by British and US Americans, this can easily lead to confusion.

Intended behavior:
It should be possible to set a fixed display of the date that does not change.

This is because of the location based default format of time and date.
This works as expected, but can be changed on the translation menu (yes, that’s the only thing you can translate on english source):

I think this should address the customers wish?

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