Knowledge base Rights Management

Hello, is there a way to publish kb article only for certain user groups? It would also be great if editors are only allowed to edit certain areas in the kb. If that does not exist, is it planned to implement something like this? Thank you

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We already have thhis kind of requests - you can find them here:

We have this on our list. However, there’s no timeline for this and the scope of functionality is unknown at this moment.

If you want to scubscribe to the enhancement issue, you can find it here:


is there any new timeline to implement this Feature?


They never provide ETAs or timelines. You just have to wait (or contribute).

Just like @MrGeneration said, you can subscribe to the GitHub issue if you want to stay up to date regarding this feature request:

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for the Knowledgebase it would be nice to have an option to make an article visible for logged on users only. In the moment (Zammad 3.1) an article can be really public or limited for editors/agents only.
Many times, there’s a need to make content available for intra-company use only.

Hope to see this soon :slight_smile:

BR and thanks a lot,


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this is already covered by Knowledgebase Visibility Based on Roles / Groups

Closing now :slight_smile:

In this modal, the Visibility is fixed to Internal or Public,

It would be super-useful if the roles / group can be used in here as well.

Also, Public is meant as Customers logins or non-registered users?

A suggestion would be to separate Public and a “All Users” Role.

Thanks in advance!

I think this is covered by this enhancement issue:

Personally I think it would also be possible to have several customer roles to achieve customer based dividing of categories. But I guess this will at some point get horrible in terms of overview.

Public means any not authenticated or customer user, correct.
We currently don’t make a differences between “anonymous” and a customer. (see below comment and issue)

I think this partly is covered by this enhancement issue:

Great, thanks for the reply @MrGeneration

Looking forward to test and feedback the implementation.

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I tried to find the possibility to add the visibility in knowledge based for specific Organization is there a way that we can do that, not sure if this is already implemented.

Please do let me know. because inside our zammad support system we have different client and inside different client we have different business process that must not be in public or share to other organization.

Please let me know.

Thank you in advance.


Or even role-based visibility for internal categories would be very useful


Just for your information, we already have this on our list:

ETA is unknown.


I’d also love visibility based on organisation—so we could easily have customised articles for some customers. Of course we could also create roles for that purpose, but it’d be nicer this way :slight_smile:

Visibility for registered customer only we wait before we use the Knowledge base our KB is still on draft because of some details cant publish in public.

thank you

We also need this feature. We have customers in different countries and want to make only relevant information available to them.

It would be great if you could also set the visibility for different editor groups.

We have editors that shouldn’t be able to see or edit certain entries.

For example if an editor from the finance department does not need to see the entries for the IT department. It would help that no accidentally edits or removes something that they shouldn’t have edit rights to.

Is it possible to add “Admins” to the visibility of knowledge base entries?


I added some instructions to the knowledge base, how to configure some zammad settings…
Its not uninteresting for editors or agents, but for admins.

Greetings, Daniel.

In my opinion this is already covered by this request:

True story… Thx and push. :blush: