Knowledgebase Visibility Based on Roles / Groups

In this modal, the Visibility is fixed to Internal or Public,

It would be super-useful if the roles / group can be used in here as well.

Also, Public is meant as Customers logins or non-registered users?

A suggestion would be to separate Public and a “All Users” Role.

Thanks in advance!

I think this is covered by this enhancement issue:

Personally I think it would also be possible to have several customer roles to achieve customer based dividing of categories. But I guess this will at some point get horrible in terms of overview.

Public means any not authenticated or customer user, correct.
We currently don’t make a differences between “anonymous” and a customer. (see below comment and issue)

I think this partly is covered by this enhancement issue:

Great, thanks for the reply @MrGeneration

Looking forward to test and feedback the implementation.

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