Integration of Microsoft Teams


will it be possible to link Zammad to Microsoft Teams in the future?


This is something our team could use.

We have tried to use the slack webhook integration to post to microsoft teams channels, but the payload is not compatible with Teams.

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This could elevate Zammad to the next level. Any hope? @MrGeneration @thorsteneckel

I have no idea what MS Teams is and how an integration would look like. Could you elaborate how an integration would look like?

The exact Slack integration would work for MS Teams. When a new ticket created, closed, etc… zammad should post it on Ms Teams channel.

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Has the connector between Zammad/MS-Teams been looked into yet? We are using teams and Zammad and integration will really make life a lot easier.

This is a community feature request with exactly one vote (heart), so no, we haven’t looked at it.

I’d be happy to support this integration. It would help our work flow as we spend all of our day these days within Teams.

I’ll pay for the development if it’s not extortionate. It should be almost the same as Slack as it basically uses webhooks in the same way.


Hey @JoeLake - welcome to the community! Please contact us via and we can go into details. Looking forward to hear from you.

hello, yes we are waiting for an “Zammad-MS Teams Integration” too!
Good luck!
I hope you can get it :slight_smile:

Hey there,

I’m currently looking around for a good helpdesk system. Since we’re using Microsoft Teams too, I would really appreciate an integration. This would be a great plus for choosing Zammad.

Hey there,

we’re using Microsoft Teams too and we would really appreciate an integration. This would be a great benefit for us.

May be there ist a chance to this via Microsoft Flow and REST/Request like explained here:

May anyone is a scriptkid and make this happen?

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Hey there,

as this is one of the highest voted feature requests and quite a lot people regulary ask for this functionality, we decided to move this feature to our feature backlog.

You can subscribe to the issue here:

This will let you know if and when anything moves!

Please note that this doesn’t mean that there’s an fixed ETA for the functionality. We in general can’t provide ETAs.


Hi @MrGeneration, I’ve been using Zammad for a year now, love it. While I had many video calls through Teams, I started using it productively only a few weeks ago and I’m just blown away by its functionality. Indeed, once you started using it, you really want to be able to integrate as much as possible from other applications to increase your efficiency even further.

I understand you don’t do fixed ETAs, I was still wondering if you could share with us how development is going and if you could give us a ballpark estimation if this is a feature that we can likely expect this quarter/semester/year or if it’s just too early to tell.

Thanks, Vic

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Sorry but we don’t provide any type of ETA - also not the rough one.
We provide functionalities in an internal order when they are ready.

This ensures that the functionality is as good as possible and removes pressure in developers.
Pressure on developers is never a good idea. :slight_smile:

This thread is from 2018. We are almost 2023. I understand you don’t want to put pressure on developers, but more than years is a little bit too much, don’t you think? At least your communication should be honest. If this feature is no longer on the top of your list, at least have the courage to say you postpone it…

We generally don’t communicate roadmaps.
You can however see the upcoming stuff:

Don’t see it on the list? Unlucky.
This list is dynamically and changes so.

If you can’t wait for a feature take some coins and insert them to prioritize the development.
We have very long feature requests lists and have limited man power. We’re not Google nor Microsoft that can throw immense resources on several things at the same time. You really have to understand that.