Integration of Microsoft Teams

I understand you are not Google nor Microsoft. But we are talking about years of being in the dark here. Also, if I understand it well, this feature request is already “prioritised by payment”. Then you should communicate better. Do you really think I’m gonna throw coins towards Zammad, with this level of communication and time schedules? Would you do that?

I would pay for prioritized development of a function, absolutely.
Prioritized by payment has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. You get a rough time scheduler if we’re developing something just for you or because you paid us to do for the core.

And just as a side note, I did contribute to other OSS software money wise to make functions possible without knowing a fixed time schedule. But that might be because I understand how it works and how hard demand on some things is that you can’t fulfill to that time.

Any time, I’m dropping out here. I’m getting salty again.


Your arrogance is not helping here (also not in another thread where somebody asked for help with the setup of a webhook so he could post data to an MS Teams channel).

The way you assume you only understand how things work without even knowing who I am what I do for a living, is ridiculous. I have more than 20 years experience in the software industry and contributed to the open source world (and software world in general), both by just helping out or by supporting them with money (mostly by choosing for a paid subscription).

There is a huge gap between a fixed ETA or schedule and what you are doing here. You are basically just asking to pay, without any promises and without even understanding that people like better communication in general.

I’m dropping out as well, I was investigating Zammad as an alternative for OSTicket (because of the nice UI and UX), but this behaviour is not helping…Besides the fact that there is also no 2FA support for local users.

Look you can criticize and blame me all you want, really.
However, it doesn’t change the fact that we don’t communicate ETAs for neither upcoming features, release nor bug fixes.

One of the reasons is that it reduces expectations (e.g. we say September 2022 and can’t keep up). This releases stress and unneeded crunch on our developers. Before you ask, no, that’s not my policy so I’m not to blame.

I tried to explain but obviously failed in my original answer:
If you talk to our sales and are willing sum x you’ll also get a quite fixed time horizon. The ETA you’re looking for. But what we don’t do is evaluate every little Feature request on here in time cost. I mean we could do that but don’t expect releases any more as we’d be dead with dealing on that process alone.

Enjoy osTicket, I guess.

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prioritized by payment basically doesn’t mean anything?
cause the way i read is was: “this feature request has a sponsor/is founded and under active development” - active as in: it won’t take 4 years to ship.

if we all misunderstand it, please rephrase it.
if we can fund a specific feature request, please let us know how, cause the teams integration is THE feature zammad needs.and it’s a pathetic joke how long this is taking (it’s been MORE THAN 4 YEARS!), pressure on devs or not.


This is simply not true.
It’s also still on the list:

If you look at past releases you’ll also notice that other things have overseeded this part.

I honestly am too lazy to scroll up and read the whole text - sorry!
As we usually never communicate “working on that right now” I don’t think we communicated it.

I’m not aware of any active sponsorships on that regard. Priotized by payment does not say “it’s sponsored” but “paying customers have this issue or want that feature”.

I hope that helps you to understand.

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Hear, hear…

Anyway, looks like something is finally moving. It’s on the backlog now.

Not having this feature is unfortunately keeping my company from using your product. You have everything else we need, including telegram integration. It’s unfortunate because it basically looks perfect except for this one feature (and we don’t even need this feature immediately, we just definitely need it in a year when we will be moving communication off telegram to teams).

Marcel, I apologize on behalf of the community, you do not deserve that treatment, you are one of those who has helped us all the most, honestly, Zammad, the best solution there is by far, Thank you.

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