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  • Used Zammad version: 3.6
  • Used Zammad installation source: docker
  • Operating system: -
  • Browser + version: -

I saw on the page there is an integration with Grafana, which seems really cool.
However i’ve been searching but i couldn’t really find template dashboard’s, which could be used as a starting point. Are there any predefined dashboard’s available or even a couple of usefull queries to start from? Also i wonder if there is some documentation available?
What i currently understand is that you have to connect grafana to the elasticsearch instance and not the database?

Thanks Olaf

Please also read the description:

All statistics about your company at a glance: link your Grafana account with Zammad’s Elasticsearch and always see exactly what’s going on.

So yes, you have to hook up your ES index.
No, there’s no documentation.

Thank you for your reply.
For people looking for a starting point, zammad creates these indexes;

probably the most useful starting point is this configuration;

also keep in mind, grafana currently removed the advanced query editor; which makes some more advanced queries difficult to accomplish.

If i’ve found some useful queries i’ll share them here.


@olafbuitelaar Thanks you for your inputs. Looking forward to see what queries you have. Thank you!!

I found that most queries are actually much simpler directly on the database, instead of on ES. Since grafana doesn’t support script queries on ES. The disadvantage is that the state is changed in the database, so you can’t get historical stats, which i believe you could get from ES. Currently i don’t have a cohesive dashboard, and lack a bit of inspiration on, what kind of dashboards would be nice. We also started using zammad since a couple of weeks. So if you have idea’s please post them.
see below some of my trials in a dashboard, it expects 2 datasources, zammad (connecting to ES) and zammad-db (connecting to the postgres database);

places as gist, due to body char limit;


@olafbuitelaar Thank you for sharing. Yes I noticed the issues with the historical data and thus the need for using a combination of DB and ES, if not only the use of ES.

I am going work with this for a few days as I have an immediate need for getting Zammad ticket data e.g. agent performance, open/closed, SLA exceeded tickets etc in to place.

I’ll keep you posted on what I find.

there seems to be some traction on the issue; Elasticsearch: Reintroduce raw query editor · Issue #3163 · grafana/grafana · GitHub
if there are idea’s for ES queries in grafana, it might be interesting to attend.

it looks like a new repo emerged; GitHub - zammad/grafana-dashboards: This repository contains sample Dashboards for Zammad to help you with a quick start. the screenshots look impressive, hopefully the documentation and some samples will be added there as well


Soon™ yes.
I’m currently under heavy load which doesn’t fasten up the process, sorry for the wait and tease.


cool thanks! if the community can do anything please share…

Extending my day to 48 hours would be quite a help! :nerd_face:
Right now there’s not much one can help me on this particular part, but thanks for the offer!

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Wild sample dashboards just happened to spawn within the grafana repo.
Same applies for documentation related things: Reporting Tools (Third party) — Zammad documentation


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