Fetch emails from HTTP API instead of POP or IMAP


I just have a question before jumping into a self hosted version of Zammad.

I am currently using the free version of ZOHO mail and it prevents me from using POP or IMAP but I can use SMTP so I can send emails from Zammad but I can’t read them. The only way to read my emails would be through the ZOHO mail API.

While I noticed I could watch my inbox using Fetchmail or Procmail would it be possible to use a custom script instead that could collect the emails from the ZOHO API and present it in a way that Zammad could understand and process?

In short what is the best way of fetching emails when I only have access to a HTTP API endpoint instead of POP or IMAP?

After a bit more research it appears the recommended approach to take would be to simply make use of the Zammad API instead of creating a custom channel. I can easily make my own CRON job that pulls emails from the ZOHO API and imports them using the Zammad API.

The final problem I have is that I now run into the “No email address found for group ‘Users’ (1)” error since I can’t add an email account to #channels/email which means the ‘Users’ group Email field is blank.

I have my SMTP server configured fine for outbound email notifications so could I just hard code my email into the code preventing the error from appearing. Any idea if that change would have any knock on effects or indeed any ideas for a better solution?

In the end I simply used https://mailtrap.io to create test POP3 and SMTP accounts that I entered into the “Email Accounts” section. I then edited the SMTP account details directly in the database so you can now create tickets without the “No emai address found” error.

This does mean the POP3 settings are essential going to stay pointing at a test service where it will never find any emails. The only issue that I am aware of is if it wants to perform an email test where it wants to ensure the email it sent arrived in the inbox but as far as I am aware that only happens on the initial setup.

I will mark this solved once I have the two APIs talking to each other but I am open to any thoughts on how to do things better.

I’m all for free services and self-hosting, but Zoho include IMAP acess at the €0.9/month tier - how much time is the scraper going to take to write, and what happens when they update the service so your script breaks?
Unless you have a lot of users and almost no money, it doesn’t seem worth the time to write it yourself.

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