Easy way to copy Ticket# with a single click

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I often find myself copying the ticket number to paste in various different places, and thought that it might be nice to add some small functionality to copy the ticket number with one click.


Basically, clicking the Ticket# would copy it into your clipboard and give some small visual feedback similar as above.

This could for example also make merging tickets inside of Zammad simpler by switching between tabs or linking them without having to read the recently viewed tickets again.

If deemed useful I’d be interested in trying to implement this functionality and provide a pull request. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes I’d really like that and if possible it should be copied to the clipboard as plain text without formatting. I have to copy this information daily and it’s always a hassle.

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A workaround keyboard wise would be [CTRL][SHIFT] + [.] (1 - 3 times depending on how much you need)


Oh I totally forgot about that, thanks for pointing it out.

Created a pull request with this functionality:


I’ve noticed it is actually not possible to merge a ticket by entering “Ticket# <number>”, it only works when entering the number by itself. Would be nice if this could be adjusted, but maybe there are some potential complications when changing this with custom Ticket hooks. :thinking:


Looks like we’re gonna be seeing this in 5.3, very nice. :tada:

Hopefully I can find some time to look into the ticket search for merges to too work with the ticket hook Infront of it, as I feel it would make sense to work, if it hasn’t been tackled yet.

Edit: Looks like it’s been already done, you can paste a full ticket hook and it will turn it into being just a number! :smiley:


A feature which could very much facilitate the situation with the merge and link dialogues has been requested in Feature: Allow searching for ticket title in Link dialogue (instead of only ticket #). You might give this request some likes :wink:


Looks like I semi-duplicated that feature request by accident then in Be able to merge by full ticket hook, not just ticket number.

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Hello everyone,

this has been implemented.
A big thank you to Stubenhocker for this!


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