Be able to merge by full ticket hook, not just ticket number


It would be nice if one could copy and paste an entire “Ticket#1234” string into the merge search box “MERGE TO TICKET#” instead of having to manually remove the ticket hook before it.

This is related to this other feature request of mine for making copying the ticket easier:

Looks like pasting in a full ficket hook on the development branch of Zammad automatically now removes the “Ticket#” and just leaves the number; very nice! :tada:

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Unfortunately this seems to have either been reverted or broken in the now released Zammad 4.3. :slightly_frowning_face:

Works just fine for me on 5.3.

Ah oops, I encountered it not working when using the linking modal; not merging.

Indeed, merge modal works fine, but add link doesn’t:


Sorry for the false alarm. :smiley:

Would be cool if this modal could receive similar treatment to the merge one.

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