Deleting attachments (is important)

Because the last feature request got closed (for w/e reason)
I want to bring the topic up again:

previous: Deleting an attachment in a ticket
previous previous: Delete attachment in a ticket - #3 by merced317

customers adding attachments by mistake,
spam with attachments,
maleware (want to filter (white list) or entirely remove attachments),

We need to be able to

  • manually remove attachments from ticket (article) (physically from storage)
  • programmatically (REST API) remove attachments from ticket (article) (physically from storage)

I read about the “tmp” solution to entirely remove the ticket.
But this is a ticket system to make life easier. We should not have to do that.

I really would like to see this feature comming (soon).
Otherwise → DSGVO :confused:


No specific reason. Discorse does this when a topic gets quiet. Just so you know. :slight_smile:

Just for the list of previous requests:

Alternatively i would appreciate a feature that overwrites attachments.

On delete request (UI or API)

  • set attachment content (db, filesystem, …) to empty string
  • mark attachment with a new flag is_deleted
  • in UI check if attachment has flag is_deleted true and instead of the actual attachment use a placeholder image for deleted attachments.
  • at API return only attachments that have the is_deleted flag false (or keep them, we would get empty content anyway and see why due to the new flag)

Or use a datetime column deleted_at default null. If is not null then the attachment has been deleted.

There may be more things to do like the filename, mime type, … . But all this should be possible to handle.

If you cannot (physically) remove attachments, then make it blank.

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