Blocking certain file types as attachments

Hi there,

we think it would be useful if agents could chose certain file types that should be blocked. For example in our case, some of our clients send screenshots attached to blank .docx-files. To avoid that it would be great if you guys could include a feature that allows agents to block file types.

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I personally believe that you wouldn’t want to receive docx documents at all via mail.
This thus would be a task for your mail server.

Thank you for your reply. In our case this has nothing to do with our mail server, because our clients issue tickets via the zammad web surface, not via e-mail.

I think is great idea to block certain types of file extensions. Even for security reasons.


Definitely need that.

I was looking for a way to filter email attachments on server before zammad gets them.
But this does not make sense.
In case email I would have to get, parse, manipulate, and upload the emails.
But why should i do that when the email gets parsed ect by my ticket client anyway?

In case web or social media it would be even impossible to hook in before zammad gets them.

So the most logical way to FILTER out what you do not want in your system is
to use a filter in the tool that gets the items.

So PLEASE add f.e. a Ticket before action
and let us whitelist, blacklist and change content.

ticket > before
attachment type > NOT IN [jpg,png] > set flag to deny access via UI

or using mime types
NOT IN [image/jpeg, image/png]

or more betterer
[image/*, application/pdf, text/css, text/csv]

or perfect by our own regex pattern against the actual mime type.
I mean mime types are perfectly made for this.


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