Deleting an attachment in a ticket

Hi everyone,

I read this post in Technical Assistance Category : Delete attachment in a ticket
And at the end of it, it is suggested to write a feature request on this board to open a debate on the feature. So, let’s see if the feature interest several people !

Delete attachment in a ticket
Users are often not aware of the regulation regarding the transfer and the conservation of personal data. They often send informations they shouldn’t to us, like scan of identity documents.
As an organisation, we are not allowed to handle such types of documents, and thus we need to remove them completely out of a ticket.

A “trash” button could be added next to each attachment. When clicking on it, a confirmation modal will pop up, and if confirmation is get the file will be deleted.

Mockup :

Thanks for considering this feature request !



I, of course, as the original author of the post in the Technical Assistance Category, wholeheartedly vote for inclusion of this feature!

Hi everyone,

I would also love to have this feature.

I’m not familiar with Zammad codebase but if some dev gives me some pointers I could try to implement it.

Above requested functionality is not trivial because of how Zammad handles attachments.
Already existing attachments are “recycled” and linked.

So removing an attachment can potentially remove it completely not just from one article.
As deleting attachments is usually brought up with DSGVO / GPDR this is a quite sensitive matter.


We face exactly the same problem here, with users sending various sorts of attachments.
We end up with lot of personal data / documents in Zammad, which is not GPDR compliant.
Being able delete attachments would then really help !

Technically, Zammad would have to check whether or not the document is attached into other tickets, and physically delete it if no more link exists (which will for sure be the case for personal documents…).

Thank tou again :+1: