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I read some concern or request regarding the Customer Notification on WEB UI and also read that the Zammad team decided to disabled to customer to manage their own notification. I think the team have a good point to disabled to manage the notification settings in customer side.

My Feature request is if the customer cant manage the notification settings kindly please enable by default that the customer also notify on web ui that one of the ticket is updated by the agent, some of the customer have a multiple ticket so they knew that what ticket is now updated or need a reply

Picture Sample:
or like this

Overall What a Great Work ZAMMAD I Love It

Thank you very much and more power

Hey @sinichi19,

your second approach has already been asked for:

Give it a :heart: to support it :slight_smile:


My request is for the Customer web ui side Sir,

Thank You

Thanks for the follow up, I’ll add the customer space on my FR.
Since we’re talking about Overviews, this should proberbly not be too much higher workload when it works for customers as well. (But I’m not sure)

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