Highlight updates and new tickets on overviews

One of our customers would love to have an option where Zammad will highlight changed tickets (or new ones).
This can be done by e.g. displaying the ticket line bolt or adding a different background color.

This should happen if

  • a Ticket is new
  • a ticket has been updated (by Customer, no matter if by Web or E-Mail)

This feature would help agents with a rather high number of tickets in his overviews to keep track of changes.

What do you guys think?

Edit: @sinichi19 mentioned that it would be usefull, if this behaviour would also affect the customers, so that customers will see changes as well.


Love it. Both solutions sound good (matter of taste i guess).


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Notification on the Bird Logo for the Agent side is already ok, implement this to the customer side, because at the customer web ui no indication that they have unread ticket or ticket updated by the agent

Thank you Sir to added also to your FR for the customer side and looking forward to implement this asap :smiley: because like in different company that disabled all email conversation for the support issue and obliged to use the web ui to report any concern and i think customer will comment that they have no received any notification in the web ui for their ticket update by the agent…

like here in zammad community every update or mentioned you in post have a notification,

Ummm, you actually can send notifications with a trigger to your customers, even if you just add a public note.
What you need for this is a E-Mail configured to the group and you should be fine.

Hmm here in our setup we dont want to use email to notify the customer we want to oblige the customer to use the web ui… thats why im also favor to your FR but to implement also to customer side

We are using Zammad for the passed 6 months and we think that this feature would help agents a lot. This is exactly what we thought to propose as a feature request and i am happy that there are people thinking about the same.

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