Allow ticket creation from knowledge base


Currently, the knowledge base is totally separate from the ticket creation flow. Many support solution link both features to force the user to search first the knowledge base before creating a ticket.

So the feature would be an option which will add a button “Send a support request” if there is no result to a search in the knowldege, or if no result match the user’s real expectation.

This feature request has already been posted earlier in the two following forum topics :

Am I the only one feeling this feature a must-have ?

Thanks already for the great work done with Zammad ! We love it !


You may want to heart the first article of Ticket creation and Knowledgebase instead of creating another thread to this topic.

Don’t get me wrong, it just raises the chances that there’s a fairly high number of likes on a feature request. This is what we’re measuring and thus what is relevant as first step. :pray: