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I think it would be nice to have like a tab to submit ticket from knowledge base, and maybe like optional button at end of each article “Didnt find what you are interested in, Contact Us”, which would take you to that form too.

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First of all, thank you very much for Zammad.
I am an administrator at a German school and we are currently testing Zammad as a new ticket system. As you might know from the media, German teachers are not very IT-savvy and there is still a lack of digitalisation in education. That’s why digital solutions for teachers have to be as simple as possible.
In Zammad, there is the knowledge database, which I hope will be very useful for teachers. On the other hand, there is the form that can be integrated into a website to create a ticket. I had hoped to find a solution here in the forum on how to integrate the form in the knowledge database, but unfortunately without success. This would have been a very simple solution, as the teachers could then not only read existing articles at, but also open a ticket for unanswered questions. I know this procedure from other help sites where you can open a ticket or ask a question if you don’t find a suitable answer.
It would be nice if such a solution could be implemented in Zammda.

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