Ticket creation and Knowledgebase


first of all: thanks for finally including a KB/FAQ! It’s still a bit simplistic in some ways, but that may not be a bad thing :wink: It was more or less the only thing keeping us from moving away from OTRS.

One major “issue” with the knowledge base though is the missing link to the customer - of course the knowledge base is shown as a “Tab” in the customer portal but we need/want a bit more from a fully fledged knowledge base:

  • Allow the creation of Tickets directly from the KB-Article (and reference the article automatically in some way for the Agent)

  • Show matching KB-Articles at least based on Keywords/Tags or some kind of elasticsearch/AI magic


  • allow forcing the user to go through the KB before sending requests (its astounding how often we just send the FAQ entry and the customer is fine with the solution…)

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