Add Delivery Status Notification (DSN) to every post

Please place a mark on a Post to indicate if a mail was sent and if the Delivery was successful.
Add it also to posts where the Ticket recipient get a mail only because he has it set in settings.
If customer activated notification in Firefox, list a successful delivered notification.

Wikipedia :de:
RFC 3461 (following-RFC are: RFC 3798, RFC 3885, RFC 5337, RFC 6533).
RFC 3462
RFC 3463
RFC 3464



I would also Vote for a Tooltip which shows the whole generated Mail that was delivered, so we could see what was how delivered.
Some customers tell us “there in the mail in the second image/third passage” or something similar. It would help if ye could see the mail like the customer received to follow their description.

Similar idea:

We are also interested in this function. For us it would be important to export this DSN.

So we need an explicit Notification when an Mail is receipt or delivered. Like the function “Request a delivery receipt” of Outlook.

Just my thought, but DSN and Delivery receipt (outlook likish) are two completely different things.
Also, please vote for the feature in the first post so we can determine the need better.

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I don’t think so. When I’m not completely wrong Its the same thing.

From what I can tell from the screenshot (I’ve never used Outlook myself), Outlook can actually do both: delivery receipts (which I assume are RFC 3461-based, it doesn’t really say anywhere), and read receipts (that’s this horrible feature that either shows an annoying message whenever you open a mail that requests read receipts, or it’s disabled anyway). @MrGeneration probably assumed that you were looking for read receipts because you mentioned Outlook ^^

So if you are looking for delivery receipts based on RFC 3461, then yes, we’re talking about the same thing.

Yes read receipts its a horrible feature. I mean the DSN. :slight_smile:

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