Read receipts and delivery notifications


I would like to be able to request read receipts and delivery notifications for either special tickets or by default/configuration.

The request already exists:

The basic modification would be to add 2 checkboxes when sending emails outbound:
read receipt
delivery notifications

optional goody: add a drop-down-list for priority

The “nice” modification would additionally provide default values per channel.

We would also be willing to share costs for developement.

kind regards
Tobias Heinrich

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Opening dozens of feature requests to the same topic do not help us see the demand but in fact masquerades it. You may want to give your “heart” to the original one.

sorry, allthough the original one was closed?

PS: And my request is a little less complicated, but exactly to not open douens of requests did I link the original request into my post.

It’s not relevant. Discourse does this automatically after periods of time. You can still put the favorite in.

:person_shrugging: Your decision. I can’t do more than point out.

Thx, I did give a heart to the original post.

btw, you could try a little less aggrerssive aproach (“dozens”)

So I will keep up a second feature request, since this one is less comlicated to implement and could be a “first step”.
Also I need this request to point out, that we as customer would be willing to share costs of development…

thx agein

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Alright. I’ll stop giving freebies to the community to refrain people reading non existing aggressive untertones from my answers. No problem. :pray: :v: