Zammad problem with telegram

Hi, i configured Zammad with Telegram and all work correctly but i begained to receive message spam massives and i don’t know how deny or block this that i disable this module and samely receive the message spam then i had to delete the connection. Somebody can tell me how work with this and protec the system of this messages. I hope your help.

As far as I know, there is no spam protection in Zammad available at the moment.

Maybe you can change your bot username to prevent further spam? However, if you have your telegram username listed on a public website, I think this will be a permanent problem. The only possibility would then be not to publish the username on the internet.

Hi @benmo with respect to the comment

what do you mean by “publish the name on the internet” this is in application settings? I don’t really use that app much

No, I assumed you listed the username of your bot on a public accessible website. If I were you, I’d change the telegram username and then make sure to only provide the telegram username in websites and emails that are not public.

Well no, im only follow the manual in the configuration channel - telegram and late of install the app and create the boot i put the api code in the system and all work fine but how can secure this channel?

Like I said, as far as I know there is no spam
protection in Zammad for Telegram.

You can take precautions that don‘t have anything to do with Zammad, like keeping your Telegram username private. If you list it on a public website, it‘s more likely to receive spam.

Like already mentioned in Zammad filter not work

No, you cannot ignore telegram messages.
You cannot ignore them.

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