Zammad doesn't send agent's notification of new tickets. . . but it used to. It still sends other kinds of emails

  • Used Zammad version: 2.5.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS (Digital Ocean)
  • Email type: SMTP
  • Email hosting provider: Google.

Expected behavior:

Upon creation of new tickets (or other events as outlined in the notification matrix in an agent’s user profile), Zammad should send an email notification. It used to do this.

Actual behavior:

Zammad sends test emails and account verification emails to newly created users just fine (so it’s not our SMTP settings), but it doesn’t send any notification emails.

When we first installed it, it worked fine.

Here’s a screenshot of my notification settings.

Hey @coyoteltd,

would you mind taking a look at your role/group setup?

f. e.: If you have multiple groups set up and your agent is inside group A, he won’t get notifications for group B.


Thank you for responding. We’re using the default roles and we only have one support group, also default.

Did something change before Zammad stopped sending notification E-Mails?
This does effect all agents?

The only thing that changed was we started adding more users to the Customers group (we went from two to a whole 15).

Yes, it affects everyone (we only have two agents and me, the administrator).

Could you please create a test ticket within Zammad and then take a look into the Ticket history?
Zammad should note if it sends out notifications there. If not your trigger might be faulty.

If it says it did (but did not), please provide the production.log

There were no notes in history and the trigger looked good.

But I fixed it.

A server reboot brought it back (and flooded our agents with dozens of emails all at the same time). I’m guessing some sub-process crashed?

Sounds like your scheduler died - but you shouldn’t receive E-Mails (and be able to send them).
anyway - I’m glad you got it fixed!

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