Agent notifications with multiple groups


  • Used Zammad version: 3.2
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)
  • Operating system: various
  • Browser + version: various

Expected behavior:

  • I expected that every agent gets notifications (as configured in his profile) for every group he is assigned to

Actual behavior:

  • agents get only notifications for some/one group?

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • create multiple groups and assign agnets to them. no matter via role or manual

here in the community there canbe found a thread where somebody mentioned that zammad provides agent notifcatiosn for only one group. Still the case?

What is teh recommended way tp provide agent notificatiosn to agents with multiple groups?


Your agent needs to have the right “full” within the group he shall receive notifications on.
You can see if the agent would get notifications by browsing to profile → notifications and see if “limit groups” is available with the groups you expect:


Thank you for the answer.

But unfortunately: No, profile settings for notifactiosn are not the problem, agents have correct notification settings.

“Somehow worse”: Created a group called “test”, created a test agent role with full rights on that group, created a test agent user with that role and only with that test group, test user profile is correct - but no notifations in case of a “unassigned ticket”, no matter if new or changed. Only if ticket is assigned to that user, it receives a notfication…

Also, the context of group rules within a role to effective user rights is not quite clear: if a user is associated with a role, in user settinsg you do not see the group rights defined in the role, while in the user profile you can see the role groups in the notification settings…

Getting wierd…

Thank you for all your help

Sounds like your agents have disabled it.
Here’s the default configuration for notifications:

Sorry but I don’t seem to understand.
You can see the assigned roles to a user within user management - in my opinion the question is on “how you name them” to ensure you can see with one view what’s going on.

Also the notification settings do not show all groups you have access to. They’re only displayed if you have full rights.

More information on permissions can be found here, I think it should clear things up better:

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