Zammad Docker-Compose and https

Hello all,

I’ve installed zammad from this repo: and it works quite smooth. But I wonder how to enable https in the docker version.

Here what I found:

  • On every start the zammad container writes the nginx configuration from contrib/nginx/zammad.conf which is found in the zammad-data volume.
  • There is also a contrib/nginx/zammad_ssl.conf , but it is not used anywhere.
  • And there is a nginx-config/ folder in the zammad-docker-compose github repo that looks like a template for SSL configuration

Now my question:

  • Did I miss the official way how to enable https or is it simply assumed that you always operate zammad behind a reverse proxy ?

  • It would be very easy to customize the script to choose either contrib/nginx/zammad.conf or contrib/nginx/zammad_ssl.conf as source depending on a environment variable. Would this be the intended way to enable SSL directly ? Would you be interested in patches that enable such a feature ?

Best regards

According to this issue, forcing the container to handling https “is out of scope” .

Most users, as far as I can tell, actually use another webserver / proxy to proxy to the Zammad application within docker context. But I might be absolutely wrong here! :slight_smile:

(e.g. see: NGINX Reverse Proxy for HTTPS )

I thought that you might be able to use volumes to “overwrite” the configuration files - however, after a quick search I failed to find anything to that. So please take the last part of my answer as a possible way that I can’t proove and thus my mind possibly playing tricks on me. :frowning:

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