Wrong language in e-mails / notifications


I’ve subscribed to the trial, hosted from Zammad, as well the hosted version. But the one thing that occures is that my portal is in the correct language. However the emails sent are in English, but my language is Dutch. There are files in /opt/zammad/app/views which are for en, es, fr etc, but not for dutch (NL). How can I achieve getting all the notifications in Dutch? Should I copy the english version, edit and save as nl.html.erb and .custom for modifications? Because I don’t like the English one(s). Bytheway on the hosted by Zammad version I see the same thing.


Sorry for the wait.
You can find all relevant system based notification files here:

Here’s an sample how the changes could look like:

Adding your files nl* in each directory followed by restarting Zammad should do the trick.
Using the english original files as copy should be the best approach for that.

Of course, a pull request on github for enhancing this for everyone would be highly appreciated as well! :slight_smile:

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