Whatsapp business API

Zammad does support Telegram.
See: https://admin-docs.zammad.org/en/latest/channels-telegram.html

But we do not support Whatsapp. Again, there’s a feature request for it and no, we do not have a timeline.

If you want this feature like super bad, you’re always welcome for a custom development (commercial service). If you’re interested, just drop a mail to sales [at] zammad [dot] com

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Hello @n8fr8 is there any publication on the Signal for Zammad online already. I’d love to add it as a new channel insteed of Telegram. Thnx!

@evdass We’ve already implemented it and it is published online, available for anyone to integrate into their Zammad. It uses a bridge service we created called Sigarillo, which bridges Zammad and Signal.

However it required changing the Zammad code base. We have a Pull Request open to merge the changes into Zammad, but it hasn’t been reviewed by the core dev team yet.

Edit- and we have a similar solution in the works for WhatsApp, it is already in production on one deployment, but we’re stilling polishing it for release.


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Updating on @abelxluck post here:

We’ve released both our Signal and WhatsApp channel code for Zammad. As abel mentioned, there is a patch required for the integration with Zammad, which you can find above.

QuePasa is built on the same approach as we used with Signal, but for WhatsApp. While we have it working in production, it does take a little bit of finesse to get it setup. It is also very much 1.0, and we are looking for help debugging and improving it.

If anyone is interested, please contact me here, or you can find me directly as nathan@guardianproject.info or @n8fr8 in various places (twitter, keybase).

We are also looking to hire another developer to help us with our efforts building on Zammad, including the kind of channel integration efforts we have been posting about here. If you are interested or know someone who might have some spare cycles, please let me know.


I’m not sure how to “install” a package. I uploaded it to my own zammad instance and then: nothing. I only see the installed package, but no settings or everything…
I also don’t find a documentation.

An update on this:

We’ve implemented the Signal and Whatsapp channel as packages you can install via the Admin > Packages UI.

For questions and community support please do not contact Zammad or post on this forum.
Instead you can get support at:


Hello Zammad-community,

first of all thanks for publishing such a useful piece of software. As a long-term admin of our intern OTRS-instance and experienced Python/TypeScript developer I took a first look under the hood of Zammad and it`s really well structured. Great job!

We plan to migrate our intern OTRS-instance and implement a WhatsApp integration.
Is there something new on this topic?

There are a few questions before to start:

  • Martin mentioned a prototype over Twilio in this podcast Zammad: ein moderner Helpdesk - Cloud Podcast. But I was not able to find the prototype in the zammad-repository on GitHub.
  • Quepasa should not be needed any longer, right?
  • How should the WhatsApp-channel look like?
  • Do you plan it as a core-feature like the Telegram-channel or an add-on?

Is there someone who is willing to share his current achievements?

We are willing to spend some resources on this topic in 2022. But there are some more questions before to start. So if you are working on WhatsApp integration already or plan to do it in near future please reply.



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I’m waiting for this too, Whatsapp is very popular in Brazil and integration like this can increase the number of adopters (not to mention Brazil is a 200 million people market).

Zammad is almost perfect for my scenario. WhatsApp business API would be the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

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I don’t understand why Zammad is not acting on integrating and not communicating about it… Waiting 2 years already for this solution.

We did communicate about whatsapp, even in this thread we did provide point of views.
What you may not understand (but have to) is that only because you open up a feature request, it doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed coming feature.

Feature development costs a lot of time, not just for writing the code but also for specifications, verifications and such stuff. (time costs money).

We’re a fairly small team. You had and have always the option to speed up developments by inserting coins. If that’s a thing for you, contact our sales team. We in general do not provide any ETAs.

Sorry if that’s frustrating.
That’s the last time I’m gonna reply on whatsapp related threads - it’s just not bringing anybody forward.

Oh and smile, thanks for keeping us busy on several channels. :muscle:


If you have whatsapp you are king :wink: I have my own open source platform I am running and I definitely know the issue with money and demand. Lots of requests but tipping in seems to be difficult. What kind of money are we talking about if I would like to get it developed?

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Just a thought, how about some kind of zammad community crowd funding scheme for projects like whatapp, that way everybody who is interested can donate to the developers on a certain topic to reach a target quicker.


Now with the new Whatsapp Cloud API (Official API) it might be easier to integrate it within Zammad?

Like I suggested before, any devs out there that fancy a go, try crowdfunding, I know many of us zammad users would contribute including me.

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We’ve evaluated the new API and it indeed looks a bit better than other options.
However, for us there’s currently more important functions and behaviors on Zammad than WhatsApp.

Right now, if WhatsApp comes, this would also affect customer initiated chats only, this means you can’t initiate a WhatsApp chat towards customers.

If you wanna push this topic and it’s development, please contact sales [at] zammad [dot] com for a group founded extension.


I also see WhatsApp only in a customer initiated way. That should be the main Reason to use WhatsApp in a Ticket System.

I’m curious to understand why one-way only?