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I’m currently testing zammad if it fits my needs an like it so far. However, I can not find any information on the net how to use push feature to automatically create tickets in zammad for incoming calls.

Is that because this feature is not supported in the open source fork? Or am I just too stupid to find information about that?

Any hints are appreciated.

Hi LittleNo,

try “Settings - Integrations -

thanks, before I purchase the is it possible that zammad opens automatically a new ticket when I answer a call? Filling out the form for creating a new customer while having someone on the phone feels very annoying so I would love to reduce that effort to a minimum required (name of caller), everything else the system should perform by itself.

ok I got in use now and the basic function works. I get the information about incoming calls in zammad.

I want to create tickets as easy as possible by incoming calls. However, the only way to proceeed now is to click on a phone number, then the add-contact-dialog opens and from there I have to go the manual way of creating a ticket. In realtime with a caller on the phone, that is way to complex.

In the other way, by clicking on “Create new ticket” I don’t see any way to pick an incoming call from the list to automatically fill out the contact-details for the new ticket.

I don’t mind which way to go for creating tickets, but my goal is to reduce the effort for creating tickets to a minimum. So what I want is, to click on an incoming call and have a ready-to-use ticket.

I can’t find any information in the docs how to use that.

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