Ticket creation from CTI/Sipgate view


I’m not sure what the procedure is, because this has already been requested in a different forum but is closed, and I’d like to bring it up again and extend it.

It’s great that sipgate.io is now directly integrated, but I’m missing two crucial features to make it useful:

  • When an unknown number calls, it would be great to have a button “create new user” or “assign to user” directly in the call list, so I can quickly note down who’s number it is.

  • During and after the call it would be great to be able to conveniently create a ticket, with the correct customer pre-selected and the call time attached to the ticket.


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  • When an unknown number calls,…
    You shoud click on the number, a new User ca be created!

  • During and after the call it would be great to be able to conveniently create a ticke…
    Click on Username and on the right top site “action”->new Ticket, the ticket is pre-selected

No, I can’t click on it (Zammad 2.5.x). I get 5 suggestions for customers “Maybe…” above the number which I can click, but I can’t click on the number.

I know, at least when I have a user that is possible, but it takes a lot of clicks when being on the phone.

Hm… seems like there is something not working as expected. @Newan is right. You should be able to create a customer from an unknown number - see:

Ooooh I think I get it. The number is already associated with other user accounts (probably same organization?) and you want to add another?

No, the number wasn’t associated with anyone. It suggests five completely random users:

None of these users has any number attached.

Hi @raphaelm - even worse. Could you please create an issue for this over at the Github issue tracker and refer to this topic? We will improve this :+1:

Done: https://github.com/zammad/zammad/issues/2143

However, I’d still have a feature request, even if this was fixed: Often, an unknown number doesn’t mean that it’s a new user, most often I already have a customer, but didn’t know the number yet; so it would be great to have a quick “search user & assign number”, instead of needing to copy the number around.


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