Update Error smime_certificates' already exists

Hello community,

I have updated my zammad and get the following error message:

Mysql2::Error: Table 'smime_certificates' already exists: CREATE TABLE `smime_certificates` (`id` bigint NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY, `subject` varchar(500) NOT NULL, `doc_hash` varchar(250) NOT NULL, `fingerprint` varchar(250) NOT NULL, `modulus` varchar(1024) NOT NULL, `not_before_at` datetime, `not_after_at` datetime, `raw` mediumblob NOT NULL, `private_key` mediumblob, `private_key_secret` varchar(500), `created_at` datetime(3) NOT NULL, `updated_at` datetime(3) NOT NULL)

I then tried to trigger the DB update again (zammad run db:migrate) with the same error. I also did a new installation. Again, I get the same error. With the search I could not solve my problem. Maybe someone can help me?

greetings d33jay

  • Zammad version: community
  • Zammad installation source: Packaging
  • Operating system: ubuntu

Other users could solve this issue by adjusting the migration file that is responsible for that.
See: Zammad crashed after 3.6 update?

This seems to be a MySQL specific error Iā€™m afraid.

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