Unexpected behaviour when splitting tickets

This may not be a feature request per se, but rather something between a ‘bug’ and a missing feature—I think I would label it as ‘unexpected behaviour’.

TIL: When splitting a ticket, you have to use the type ‘phone’ if you don’t want the customer to receive an e-mail. Using the ‘phone’ type seems wrong to me, because I didn’t pick up a phone when splitting the ticket.

I’ll elaborate: Imagine a customer sending you an e-mail containing several questions regarding several subjects—some of them may have been brought up before, you might even have other open tickets. You then want/have to split the ticket, maybe merge the children with the existing ones or handle ‘new’ requests within another ticket, because you need to put the different questions in different queues/groups.

When splitting the ticket, by default you’ll create a ticket with the type ‘phone’. Imho this would be wrong, because you just split the ticket without calling anyone. When selecting ‘e-mail’ in the top bar, the customer get’s notified via e-mail, which I don’t want in this case.

Sure, you could say “just use the phone type and shut it”, but regarding wanted triggers/automations/statistics this is not what I think would be suitable for everyone.

I’m not sure how I’d like that to be ‘solved’ and I’m very looking forward to your suggestions!

Maybe this would benefit you, @RobOwen1990? (Re: Split ticket without posting any communication)

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