Two customers - one ticket - Both should have it in the customer view


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2.x (newest)
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …) source
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Browser + version: Opera (Newest)

Hello together,

I can assign a customer or organization to each ticket.
Is it possible to assign a ticket to two customers, so that they can both see a certain ticket, without all tickets of the respective customer being viewable by both?

No this is not possible

I just installed a copy on my home lab and I’m very impressed. Literally the only thing holding me back from migrating to it at work is the ability to add additional users to a ticket. We often copy stakeholders on our existing ticketing system to get approval for changes/purchases. If this could be added, this would be perfect for our use case.

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Hi, you could create an Organization and add both user to it.
The change of the option SHARED ORGANIZATION * to yes.

This would mean that both user could see all tickets created in the Organization.
I hope this could be a workarounds help.


thank you very much for the answer. That is what I am currently doing. It would be ideal if there was a way if, for example, within the organization who can see all tickets (for example, the CEO), but the employee can only see your tickets or those of your department. So you could exclude that Confidential topics (Such as requests about personnel) can be read by all, To this possibility I have not found yet. It would be a wish feature :slight_smile:

You can search this board if there’s a feature request already and if so add your heart to the first article.
If there isn’t any, you may want to add a feature request that describes the use case here:

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