Trigger - Email: Multiple receivers and free-text receiver

It seems I’d like to have the same features as @dvnkln within this post: Trigger - action email send - more receivers - #3

  • I need to be able to specify a custom email address
  • I need to be able to specify multiple receivers

For my concrete use case, I’d like to do this:

  1. Whenever a ticket is created via email
  2. Send a mail to two recipients
    • the sender of the original email
    • a custom email address (which is basically an operating team of my customer)

For me, it is important that both emails addresses show up within To and/or CC. When the operating team
does a “reply all”, the answer should show up within zammad and within the inbox of the sender of the original email.

Any chance to get this done? Maybe by providing a bounty?

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The feature requests are a little bit disappointing when you don’t get any reaction on them. :disappointed:
I know: I’m not paying, so there is no obligation…

I can understand that - your use case is a bit “special” I think.
For example I do not have such a use case at all (never had until now).

I’d suggest Mailinglists, but this makes the configuration really annoying and dirty. This could be a quick work around at least.

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