Tree select - option to disable entry

Hi there,

I set up the Tree Multi-Select object. You can select the upper group, i.e. the “parents”, whereas we really only want “children” to be selected. How can I realize this?

In the picture you see “Parent1”. Currently you can also select Parent 1 as an object, but this should not be possible. I would like to set it so that our customers and agents can only select “Child1”, “Child2” etc.

Maybe, there’s a way to set it up with triggers or core-workflows.

Thank you for your answer!

Edit: Here, the format is “Einfach-Baumauswahl-Feld”, but I normally set it up with “Mehrfach-Baumauswahl-Feld”.

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All values in these selection fields are always available. You can’t change that in Zammad.

If you believe this is a missing functionality and there’s no request to this yet, feel free to create a feature request here: Feature requests - Zammad - Community