Ticket can't be found


  • Used Zammad version: at time of error 4.1.x / Now 5.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.4.2
  • Browser + version: Firefox 91.5.0esr & Brave 1.34.81
  • Used Elastic search version: at time of error 7.14.0 / Now 7.17.0

Little Background Info

the technician who set this up wasn’t me and he was not the most skilled in Linux tasks
so setup errors are possible and i do not know what might be still lurking in the Dark :ghost:
Also the Zammad wasn’t updated since or anything since August 2021 until i did it today :scream:

Expected behavior:

Ticket should be Displayed :eyes:

Actual behavior:

Showing: Oops… I’m sorry, but I can’t find this Ticket.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Unknown :no_mouth:
Last changes were that i have set the following values:




Infos from this Forum entry Because the zammad was slow

How was it discovered?

The Ticket couldn’t be found anywhere and the Link from the reminder mails leads to a dead page.

Solutions already tried



=> nil

No Problem with rebulding the index

Zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild

runs without any errors

Other Anomalies

sudo zammad run rails r Ticket.find_by(number:‘982815’).articles.first.as_raw.content


-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `(’

When Opening the Rails Console with

sudo zammad run rails c

and then run the command for getting the Raw Ticket you get:

irb(main):001:0> Ticket.find_by(number:‘982815’).articles.first.as_raw.content
Traceback (most recent call last):
1: from (irb):1
NoMethodError (undefined method `articles’ for nil:NilClass)

Could anyone please help me to find out what happened to the Ticket and how i could fix this? :pray:

Running Ticket.find_by(number:'982815') within a rails console should be enough.
Please be careful with quotation - I fixed the quotes.

Apart from that, your production.log ( /var/log/zammad/ ) should be able to tell you if you’re not authorized to view it or if the ticket really is not available.
If you’re sure that the ticket was there before, it possibly has been removed by an e.g. scheduler task.

That’s really hard to tell. First look I’d take would be into schedulers. Please also note that Zammads Data Privacy might cause the same behavior.

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