Text Modules when Trigger'ing note updates

Hey Zammad Devs,
we love the new 3.1 release. The text module feature is awesome and we immediately created a ton of text modules.
We have a few triggers in place where we push automated ticket notes. It would be really helpful if we could text modules within the notes field of a trigger. This way we only have to maintain our text modules and can de-doublicate the data from the triggers. Also with updating a text module the corresponding trigger will be updated as well.

I tried to create a trigger this way:

which ended up in a comment like this:

Would be really cool, if the text module would expand within the automated post.
Let me know if you have any questions and keep up the excellent work.
Thanks Sebastian

Text Modules are not available within the Backend.
The :: functionality in the backend changes from Text Modules to available system variables of Zammad.

Personally I think -if you need to use text module text within triggers- the better way would be to copy the text modules content into the trigger. I mean the text module shouldn’t change too often, right? :-X

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