Text modules, agent invites, standard answer, own answer tickets

Hello everyone,


how can i success my 4 opening questions:

  • how can i make text modules for specific groups?
    at the moment, text modules are allowed for every group, by far 40-50 text modules it’s very annoying
    = didn’t find anything in the documentation

  • how can i prevent the agents for sending invites to other people, who are not in my Active Directory
    at the moment, every user can sent an invitation to any people and my zammad user-database will be grow
    with unnecessary users
    = didn’t find anything in the documentation

  • how can i change the standard answer from note to email
    = didn’t find anything in the documentation, but read some comments on github that it’s not changeable
    More question is why? why can i not change some defaults for my own installation?!

  • how can i create own answer tickets (maybe with text modules) with attachements?
    = didn’t find anything in the documentation

I can only answer to the second point:

What you want to do there is not possible with zammad.
Zammad creates a new user when it gets a new recipient or sender - this is because of it’s history function.
Other wise it could not link that correctly.

You cannot disable this.

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