Attachements in text modules or macros

We would love to be able to automatically add attachements through a text module. Our use case is that people who want to register send us an email and we would like to quickly send them a canned response that has the necessary forms attached.

Currently it does not seem possible to automatically add attachements. They have to always be added manually.

If we had a text module with the answer that would also attach the forms when used, then this would greatly improve our workflow. Instead of a text module, it would also be fine to use a macro that adds a note with the canned text and the attachements that we can then send as a reply.

From searching around this forum, something similar has already been requested a few times, but there is no single topic for just this feature.

Topics including request for automatically adding attachements:

Topic with different idea for similar problem:

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As a workaround for this kind of requests we are using canned responses containing links to our static file server

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