Telnyx SMS Provider (Already Has Twilio Crossover API)

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I’d love to see a Telnyx integration, and I’m willing to help with some of the code, although the current reason I’m struggling to write up my own is:
I’m not horribly familiar with Ruby, nor designing integrations for Zammad (although there’s always a first).

Telnyx I think would be great third provider for Zammad, not only would it reach a lot of additional people but Telnyx already has a “Twexit” API, which is their crossover API to capture more Twilio applications/customers. I’m fairly certain accounting for this would be easy enough in Zammad, except currently there’s no way to edit the API url used when Twilio is selected from the SMS drop down.

See this link for information on the Twexit API:
Migrating SMS From Twilio To Telnyx with Code Samples

In case it isn’t obvious, I use Telnyx and would be more than willing to assist in any way I can with samples, testing, document writing, etc…


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I’d also like Telnyx integration. It should be relatively simple to modify the Twilio integration, but appears to be more complicated than cloning the app/models/channel/driver/sms/twilio.rb file. Does anybody have any insight on how to add another sms driver?

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I was looking at that myself, since I think the process should be trivial enough I was trying to do it myself (I should basically just be able to update the API locations from reading Twexit documentation). Unfortunately to your point, a quick search of Twilio has all the below references:

Is it possibly as simple as modifying any one of these I wonder?

Any other thoughts on this?

Ok so in further research, you can setup a local hosts entry or cname entry to point the local machine to telnyx Twexit instead of twilio (that’s how close the APIs are), which would work probably, except it throws an SSL error (which makes sense).

Would anyone be willing to help point me in the right direction with regards to where one might update the Twilio URLs? Also if needed, I’m willing to help assist on the Telnyx side.


We would also be very interested in this feature. Twilio does not work with local numbers in our region (rural Canada), but Telnyx does work with our local numbers. If we could integrate Zammad to Telnyx for SMS, that would be very helpful for our customer support.

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It’s just a start, but I created a tutorial on the Telnyx as notification provider only:

Full package


Maybe it will find its way into the core in future, who knows.