Support of OpenSearch

Since it has an (approved) open source license.

OpenSearch is a elasticsearch 7.10 fork and thus mostly backward compatible to elasticsearch 7 and has documentation on how to migrate (Migrating from Elasticsearch OSS to OpenSearch - OpenSearch documentation). It is community driven and widely used.

I found 3 other posts mentioning opensearch but no feature request.

  • Is there anyone out there successfully using opensearch for zammad?
  • To reduce support burden support for elasticsearch could be dropped in a future version of zammad?

Yes, it works. We have it running since ¾ year without any issues, you just need to activate the Elasticsearch-compatibility mode in OpenSearch:

I also managed to run the Zammad test suite (docker tests) with OpenSearch instead of ElasticSearch to verify the compatibility as much as possible. You can read the logs of the test here: docker: set user and password to admin by default · sebix/zammad@5401653 · GitHub

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I also would love for Zammad to support Opensearch. From what I tried, it looks like it checks and refuses to talk to anything that is not Elasticsearch. I don’t think that should end up in a final error, but a warning.

Also, it seems like the Debian package depends on elasticsearch|elasticsearch-oss. If Opensearch is supported (or even merely ‘tolerated’), that should change to elasticsearch|elasticsearch-oss|opensearch, and remove, make optional, or update the configuration of elasticsearch that the installation script performs to use the adequate binary if Opensearch is used.

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Please don’t hijack feature request threads with your technical questions. Open your own technical question thread instead. Thank you.

It checks the version number. Did you follow the instructions in Opensearch + Zammad: Version 2.0.0 of configured elasticsearch is not supported - #3 by sebix ?

You can workaround that by creating a dummy package, that provides elasticsearch:
Prepare the directory:

mkdir elasticsearch-dummy
cd elasticsearch-dummy

create a file elasticsearch-dummy with content

Section: misc
Priority: optional
Standards-Version: 3.9.6

Package: elasticsearch-dummy
Version: 2.3.0-1  # or whatever you want
Maintainer: Your Name <>
Provides: elasticsearch
Architecture: all
Description: Dummy package for ElasticSearch server
 Dummy package for ElasticSearch server to satisfy dependencies of Zammad package.

Then build it:

equivs-build elasticsearch-dummy

install the resulting .deb-file.

This is a feature request post, please try to keep it clean with request related content. While it might help OP to make it run, OpenSearch is still not officially supported and this is what this request is about.