Support for choosing between text/plain and HTML emails

As mentioned in the following issue, it would be nice if you could choose between text/plain and HTML emails.

One usecase is to avoid problems with HTML emails like duplicated links when the link to the ticket is send via a trigger email notification


Should be a setting that could be saved per User/Company

I’d already be happy getting an option to just turn off HTML emails globally.

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Are you talking about creating tickets with mail2ticket or do you think about the sending of mails by the agent?
Or both?

I thought about the outgoing mails.

btw. Maybe Zammad could check the Mail format coming from the customer and set the mail format to the same like the customer use.

We are about to introduce Zammad in our company and this is the only deficiency I’ve found so far. A global option to turn outgoing html emails off would be great.

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please please please, give us plaintext mails.

Considering that the feature was first requested in 2016 (over four years ago) and the last time someone from Zammad commented on it was in 2018 (nearly three years ago), it would be nice to hear something from the devs.

It may not be a feature everyone wants but it’s pretty critical for those that do; there are some environments where sending HTML email is considered terribly rude and, personally, that is the one aspect preventing my organisation from using Zammad right now. We would love to because of its other amazing features but plaintext support is absolutely essential.

I just commented about possibly starting a pot to fund this feature.

Sorry it went below my radar again.
In general we can’t provide ETAs for any enhancements or bugs.

I do understand that this functionality is crucial and important to you.
I believe that this is blocked by other enhancements as of now, I pointed that out on the issue to.

Best way to continue (if you really want to sponsor this) would be to contact our sales team.

Would you accept a Pull Request implementing this feature? We also need this feature and have it implemented by patching the source code. We want to get rid of that customization, though. I propose introducing a global setting for the email channel, defaulting to HTML.

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I cannot decide what’s part of Zammad and what’s not.
But maybe our PO’s can have a look to qualify this once and for all, @Mirtaaa


Dear @Mirtaaa,

It appears you wrote an answer that you would not implement this feature as other things are more important for your business. I understand that.

However, it seems there is a misunderstanding. As Zammad is developed as an Open Source software, I understand that you are open to contributions from the community. In addition to the feature request, we offered to implement the optional functionality and propose it to you as a Pull Request. If we put some effort into the implementation, is there a chance this will be merged? It would avoid hassle with local modifications and reduce the necessity of forks.

Hello @sebix
We do accept pull requests, and it will be considered for merging if it meets our quality standards. Our requirements are high as this is a core-functionality. Typically, only our core developers have the necessary experience to deliver the required quality.
Also as additional infromation: Currently, this feature is of lower interest to us due to our commitment to a high amount of other features with higher priority and very limited ressources.

I hope for your understanding.

Kind Regards

Hello @Mirtaaa,

Thank you for your answer. Your quality requirements are entirely understandable, and we do value them.
Once we have free resources to tackle this ourselves, we will send you a pull request.