"Source" mode for editor / Improve Editor

Some formatting in the zammad editor is hard or impossible to get rid of (see How write normal text within cited text (inline reply)?) or (almost) impossible to add (preformatted/code, which annoyingly has been denied so far). For these cases a “source” mode would come in very handy, so that the formatting - which I assume is a kind of HTML(?) - could be added or corrected manually.


I like the idea - but instead of source code I would prefer a WYSIWYG editor.
There you could actually do more (except for source code rocking) and have more options.

I remember when I was talking to @thorsteneckel about this topic that he said, that they want the editor to be as easy and slim as possible.
This might colide with some wishes on our end. But maybe handling inline replies could get improved (that would solve the initial problem why you’re asking for that feature :slight_smile: )


There is an improved editor on the way. Code and inline commenting is currently not implemented but we evaluate further improvements on the editor :+1:


Sounds good! Like to hear that!

Adding code blocks would be great, thanks.


Is there an expected timeframe for this improved editor? I hear about it since quite a long time but haven’t seen it yet :wink: Not being able to format code as code is one of the (very few!) annoyances with Zammad.


We currently have no timeframe for this that I can officially share with you, sorry about that.

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