Some keyboard shortcuts don't work in Chrome

Zammad has a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts, as documented in Zammad itself (avatar icon -> Keyboard Shortcuts), and also in the documentation. (The docs unfortunately fail to mention that the shortcuts are platform-specific; e.g. “show dashboard” is Shift+Ctrl+d on Linux, but Ctrl+Alt+d on MacOS as shown on the website. This confused me a lot before I finally realized it and stopped trying to use the MacOS shortcuts shown on the website on Linux.)

Unfortunately I’ve found that some do not work on Chrome (on Ubuntu with the MATE desktop environment); at least Ctrl+Shift+t has already been discussed here. I’ll try to make a list of the non-functional ones:

Shortcut Purpose Instead interpreted by Instead does
shift+ctrl+n new ticket Chrome new incognito window
shift+ctrl+w close current tab Chrome immediately close Chrome
shift+ctrl+tab next Zammad ticket tab Chrome previous Chrome tab
shift+ctrl+shift+tab* previous Zammad ticket tab Chrome previous Chrome tab
shift+ctrl+t inline translations Chrome reopen most recently closed tab/window
shift+ctrl+{left,right} navigate through articles ? does nothing

* This one doesn’t even make any sense :smiley:

Side note: shift+ctrl+return (confirm/submit dialog) does actually work, e.g. to confirm the “Tab has changed, do you really want to close it?” popup, but I think it’s needlessly confusing. Until now I had assumed that I cannot confirm these dialogs with the keyboard, because of course I just tried return. IMO this should just be return. After all, cancelling the popup with ESC works as expected, so right now, it’s rather inconsistent.

Is there a way to change the modifier?