[solved] Copy of ticket history via email

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Since Zammad does not (yet) store outgoing emails on the server: Is there any way to receive a copy of the ticket (at least with all public articles) via email?

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There’s a BCC Option, yes - but: This only affects outgoing E-Mails.

Getting the current value:
zammad run rails r 'p Setting.get("system_bcc")'

Setting a new value:
zammad run rails r 'p Setting.set("system_bcc", "alias@domain.tld")'

I’ll add this to our documentation soonish

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This does BCC every e-mail that Zammad sends to the specified address? Exactly what I need! (Looking forward to seeing that option somewhere in the GUI, though.)

Thank you!

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One more thing: Could this work somehow with notifications? We do send some notifications via scheduler, but there are no emails in the sent folder.

Zammad does not store any mails within a sent folder.
If you’re talking about the BCC-Function: I don’t think so. In my opinion that doesn’t make any sense (at least I don’t see the use case), as normally all important mail you’d want to “archive” outgoing wouldn’t be sent by the system itself.

If this is a valid use case for you, I guess a Feature Request would be the right way for you.

Can I use scheduler to add something to a ticket that will get sent via email? Then I wouldn’t need to use the notification feature.

No, this is currently not possible.
It can send Mails, but can’t add something like e.g. notes to a ticket.

Now I’m confused… Scheduler can add notes to a ticket… :thinking: (Maybe I mis-understood.)

Sorry my bad!
You got me here haha.

Personally I don’t think this will cause Zammad to send out Mails in the way you want/need it.
That’s untested, I won’t b able to test this until Wednesday - so if you test that you’d be proberbly faster. :x

Haha :joy: I am using the notification system, so Zammad does send e-mails via scheduler, but I’d love to keep it on my email server as well (GoBD compliance and stuff, you know)… Maybe you could add that as a feature request :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

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