[solved] Can't access Zammad from external


Have just installed Zammad 2.9 on CentOS 7. Made changes to zammad.conf (only changed the server name to ‘zammad.mycompany.com’). Followed all instructions in zammad documentation.
From internal network (LAN) everything works -> in browser opens page http://zammad.mycompany.com, can open ssh to host, even can ping it.
Have router with NAT 1-1.
Here arise the problems - can’t access the server from external (no 80 port, no ssh, no ping).
How to solve this?

P.S. have another web-server with apache on it and also NAT 1-1 -> everything works perfect.

Edit: Proberbly your Firewall, absolutely out of our scope.

Sorry, but my crystall ball is currently broken.
Please have a look at: Asking for help on community

To be clear: In your case this means

  • nginx-config (zammad.conf)
  • nginx-access log (aka “Do my connections even hit the system”)
  • Zammad log (production.log to see if the connections arrive here)

And if all that does not help, check your Firewalls logs which is out of our scope.

I’m so sorry!
It was my fault - misconfigured routes within the network.

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