Asking for help on community


lately we encountered a very high number if issues and questions on this board.
Don’t get me wrong, as the community and usuage of Zammad is rising, this is great!

But, this also has a downside, which is why I write this text.
The last 2-3 weeks have causing frustration on my end for the following reasons:

Posting technical questions with so less information that you have to ask back
Please, if you’re having issues, post more information!
The more details we get, the easier it will get to help you.

This starts with filling in the whole template (Zammad-Version, Database, Elasticsearch version, Browser being used), goes over possible screenshots/screencasts and finally ends in command line or log file outputs (depending on the situation).

If you give us more information, this will help both sides!
For you on the one hand, you’ll proberbly receive a usefull answer faster without too many questions before getting in a good direction.
For us on the other hands, this will save a lot of time that we could spend on helping more people and bringing Zammad forwoard.

Another point that has been bugging me lately is -in my opinion- worse:

Writing private messages to people trying to get help (or even boost the speed)
Let me get this very clear (and direct).

If you post a private message to a staff member, I see this as personal support.
Personal support is a commercial service at Zammad!

It is unfair for the rest of the community, as you might not be the only one having issues regarding this topic! If you’re in a hurry and your productive instance isn’t working, you should think about getting commercial services.

It won’t help anybody if you post a thread and then also go for a private message. It’s absolutely unfair!

From now on, I will ignore any private message I have not been asking for (a reason for asking for a private message might be sensitive log files that shouldn’t be public). It simply takes the time from the rest of the community which I could use for helping others - I won’t support that.

Okay, enough ranting for now.
Sorry to anyone that felt offended, but this has been bugging me a lot lately.

Please think about it, because the community is important.
Zammad is free, but don’t expect commercial level support on a free product.


PS: Please note that this is my personal opinion and might not display the view points of Zammad itself.