SMS activated - no option in GUI

I have created an account with Twilio, and connected Zammad for both incoming and outgoing and notifications - I have green lights for all sections in the SMS setup. I can send an SMS to zammad and it creates a ticket and even triggers an automatic response.
What I can’t do is choose to SMS a client within a ticket, either by replying to an existing ticket or creating a new ticket.
I have ensured the client I am testing with has a mobile number in international format recorded under their details.
If I send a test text message to zammad, it does create a ticket with the phone number which I can reply to, but this is of limited use. I would like to be able to select SMS as an option to send to existing customers, not just an unidentified phone number.


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.7.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: ubutnu apt
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
  • Browser + version: Google Chrome

Expected behavior:

  • When creating or replying to a ticket there should be an SMS option next to the email icon

Actual behavior:

  • There is no icon

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create a ticket or reply

Hi, I’m having the same problem. I would also like to be able to SMS a client when replying to an existing ticket or creating a new ticket. I expected with Zammad 2.7 that there would be an SMS option next to the email icon in the ticket and that when creating a new ticket there would be a Send SMS option next to Send Email.

Perfectly described. Same problem.

Maybe @martini can clear the dust?
I currently can’t answer that. :frowning:

Is there any update on this issue?

We have currently built a new SMS route using the Telerivet SMS gateway that allows any android phone to act as an incoming/going SMS gateway. It works great - except that we are also experiencing this problem:

Any ticket not originated by SMS cannot be sent an SMS via the Zammad GUI or the API (for that matter).

We are happy to push our contribution as a Pull request - but if would be great to solve this issue first @martini ?

Bart (Farm Radio International)

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After a bit more exploring of trying to send an SMS via the API, I get the following error:

Delivery failed: "Unable to send sms message: Can't find ticket.preferences['channel_id'] for Ticket.find(620)"

Just to loop back here. We managed to send an SMS to a customer in a ticket that was NOT originated by SMS and it seems we had to set this parameter on the ticket first:

preferences: {
   channel_id: 6,
   sms: {
      From: "<the phone number senderid set in the SMS route>",
      To: "<customer phone number>"

So it looks like when a ticket is created via SMS, these preferences are set by default on ticket creation. But if ticket is created via any other channel, these preferences need to be set manually. Seems there is some work to do in the UI to set this preference when choosing the SMS option (which is not possible yet).

wow thanks for the deep digging here.
I think we should work this out, maybe @martini and @thorsteneckel can take a look.

I’d gladly add this as enhancement request

That’s right. The preferences.channel_id is used to decide what sms channel should be used.

Do I understand the use case correctly, you want to send a SMS to a customer for a ticket which was not created via SMS? For me to understand the needs a little bit more, what real world use case is here behind?

Thanks for clarification!

Hi @martini, yes that is exactly correct - we want to send SMS to a customer in which ticket was not created via SMS.

In our case we have built a module that allows us to create tickets from voicemail messages. It is then more appropriate to follow up with the customer over the SMS channel after the initial ticket is created.

In a related topic - it would be very helpful if the “replies” via SMS from the customer were treated as part of a threaded conversation within that ticket, rather than each reply creating a new ticket (current behaviour?). Does that make sense?

Thanks for following up!


To add to that…Another use case would be initiating contact through SMS with a Client if that is their preferred method of communication and that is currently not an option. It would also be useful to reply to a non SMS ticket with an SMS as a reminder/follow up to the client.

I think the use case of being able to start an SMS to a client or replying to a non SMS ticket with an SMS is the same as being able to use phone and email in the same ticket.


Yes exactly my desired use case.
We would for example reset a users password and prefer to send them the password via SMS than via email (especially if they are locked out of their email account!)
We could then have a record that this was done in a ticket, rather than through some other SMS portal.


Is adding the SMS option to all tickets in the GUI coming soon? Maybe in Zammad 2.9?

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Thanks for sharing the use cases. For me it makes sense.

@paulaadams currently it’s not only done by adding it to UI because the backend need also to support it. Right now the create (sms) channel is used for reply. If there was a ticket creation not via sms channel, then Zammad right now do not know what sms channel should be used. Here Zammad need to get extended.

During other tasks (like knowledge base) I can’t tell you right now when we will do the implementation.

In case you really need it you can contact sales at zammad com to prioritise it by payment. Thanks for understanding!

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