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  • Used Zammad version: 2.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) deb
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome lates

Expected behavior:

  • It should be possible to add a signature for every agent

Actual behavior:

  • I’m searching for the possibility to add for every Agent a signature. If an Agent reply a ticket with E-Mail it would be great to add a signature automatically. Is this possible? I don’t find it.

Hey @schmanat,

you can add signatures for a whole group and use variables inside of it.

  1. Define a signature in Admin-Settings -> E-Mail -> Signatures.

  2. Go to Admin-Settings -> Groups and choose which group should use the signature.

Like i said above, you can use variables like #{user.firstname} etc.

The signature will be added automatically to each email sent from within zammad.*
*Update: That may sound wrong. To be more accurate: the signature will be attached to every note if the type is “email” (you’ll literally see the signature once you change the type to email). The signature will not be used in the default notification mails.


Are there information inside the signature other users don’t have? If so, a global group signature does proberbly not fit.

Yeah if that’s the case the only current way to realize this would be to create a group for each agent AFAIK.

I agree - I took a look into Triggers, but that’s an deadend

thanks @all for your reply.

I will give it a try, but i don’t think it’s enough for me, because we also have a special link vor the vcard for every agent, and I don’t know how can I achieve this.

Is it planed to add a feature to set signature for every agent? Am I the only one who need this.

thanks again.

One more question.

Is it possible to check if a field is set? For example not all of our agents have a mobile phone. So it would be great to check if this field ist set.
If the field is set we add this to the signature (for example:)
Mobile: 134156134

If the field is not set I dont want to set the text mobile.
Mobile: -

So it would be great to check this like
moble: 134156134

@schmanat Filtering something like “if(set(BLAH))” is currentely not supported / possible - see:

The above community post needs attention / discussion. I am sure that the dev-Team will implement it, if the community need is big enough on this. I personally would like that feature too.

For the user signature feature: To be honest, I don’t think that it is planned right now. Couldn’t find much via Google to this topic for zammad. The only thing I found is:
But the original poster seemed the placeholders to fit his needs.

Personally coming from osticket, I’ve learned that user defined signatures can be a pain in the ass - so this needs porper discussion and planning, too.

Anyway - just as an idea:
As workaround you could add a new user-object: vCard:

As default value I entered a space - not sure if this helps to workaround the “-” being displayed.
Anyway - you fill in the vCard-URL per Agent and add the placeholder to your signature - should be something like #{user.created_by.vcard} depending on how you named that.

Does this fit at least temporary? :slight_smile:

Wow thanks a lot this sounds great.

I will try it and give some feedback.

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