Send SLA Escalation reminders during service hours

See also SLA Escalation reminde e-mail sent on midnight rather than service times · Issue #4432 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

Used Zammad Version



  • Installation method: Debian package
  • Operating system (if you’re unsure: cat /etc/os-release ): debian

Actual behaviour

Similar to in Ical escaltion update the calendar entry to 2:00 am · Issue #2157 · zammad/zammad · GitHub, wenn a ticket escalates through an SLA I get reminder e-mails at midnight CET and even on weekends (except Sunday, interestingly enough), despite service times being set to Mo-Fr 9-17.

Expected behaviour

Escalation reminders come during work hours

Steps to reproduce the behaviour

Define an SLA, let a ticket escalate

Zammad by default sends you daily reminders for:

  • still escalated tickets and / or
  • tickets that still have their pending date reached

This currently happens on midnight UTC and is technically not a malfunction but how it’s been built at that time. (This is the reason why it’s not a bug technically).

If you believe this is a wrong behavior, look through the following forum category (if there’s already a thread and if so put your heart onto the first article) and if you can’t find a fitting feature request already, create one:

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