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Hello, this is my request :

Send later functionality for answering tickets

It would be very helpful if we could planned the date and hour when the answer we prepared will be send.
In our company, we must wait 2 hours before answering customers. So we receive the ticket, prepare an answer and then go back to the ticket 2 hours later to click on “update”. This is a huge waste of time of us.

Having an option to schedule an email to send will widely simplify our process.

Expectations :
Be able to set a date/time or amount of minutes/hours from now when creating an answer/new message.
Be able to handle a ticket in one shot.

If a new message comes in between setting the answer and the time it should be sent, probably sending the message should be paused and the agent should be informed about it.

I hope this would be possible soon !
Thank you :slight_smile:


Also important to us, as we often work after our working hours, but don’t want the customer to know this, as they always would think they arrive us anytime if we answer anytime.


You could use the draft function and send the mail the next day too.

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But can this be send automatically?

I would like to say “send tomorrow 7:00 AM” and be done without having to send it manually at 7:00 am.
Because if I use draft, I cant use “pending state”.

No it can’t. But the draft state of an ticket (desktop view only) does store anything that you configure except for tags as draft. You can try this by typing a reply in any ticket, shortly wait for something like 10 seconds and then logon on any different computer with your account. You’ll see that the taskbars on the left will be open just as in the other session and it will also contain your information you typed but haven’t submitted yet.

This is one of the key features of Zammad.

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Thank you, we use drafts often, but the wanted feature is, as I understand, a programmed Timer for sending Mails to the client.

Yes I did get that. I just called a possible workaround. Sorry for that.

Yes we also use the draft functionality proposed by Zammad but we must indeed go back to our ticket to finally send it.
Will this new feature be implemented sometimes ? And if yes, do you approximately when ? :slight_smile:
Thank you !

I can’t qualify this.

We’re generally not giving any ETAs I’m afraid.

I’ve got an idea that might or might not help. I haven’t tried it out myself.
Woudn’t it be possible to add new states to help out with sending mails at a given time?

My idea:
create a state based on “pending action”, once the time is met, the state changes back to the previous one (or a new one like “customer informed”…) while directly triggering to send the last invisible article as an email.

I have not experimented a lot with states, so I’m not sure if something like this would really be possible, but I wanted to share my thoughts regardless.

This feature was already requested in 2020, see Send later functionality for answering tickets - Feature requests - Zammad - Community.

Please consider giving your vote to that older request in order to increase visibility and, hopefully, priority.

I would also be very happy about this feature.

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We need this function asap.