Send later functionality for answering tickets


I would like to see a Send Later functionality as some email clients have (like Thunderbird’s add on “Send Later”:

How it may work: Set a date/time or amount of minutes/hours from now when creating an answer/new message.

If a new message comes in between setting the answer and the time it should be sent, probably sending the message should be paused and the agent should be informed about it.

There may be many reasons for not sending an answer right now when it was typed. I our case it is most often that people work at night/sundays but don’t want the customer to see this. So setting a date/time when the email should really be sent would be great.

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At this moment you could workaround that with notes, objects and a scheduler doing some magic.
At least if you don’t have to send out attachments.

Could you please roughly sketch out how this could be implemented? At first sight it sounds a bit complicated.

Big oof.
Sorry, my mind played tricks on me!

This won’t be possible, because you can’t reference the last article of a ticket.
(This would also be troublesome, because you can’t ensure that it is that way)

Again, sorry for sending you into the wrong direction.

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Sorry for opening this old thread again.

I am also interested in this feature. The possibility to schedule an mail and send it later would make some processes easier for us.
Are there any news about this feature?
Or is it possible to implement this functionality with a plugin?

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