Role specific access on customer list

i’m trying to configure specific roles where users assigned to can only manage tickets (with agent rights) belonging to specific organizations. So far so good - works!
But when testing it out, I noticed that users who can now only access specific organizations tickets, can still see all customers (from differrent organizations too) inside Zammad.

My understanding of this is: Roles with access on specific organization tickets based on Group Access should restrict customer visbility to the same organization or it should be choosable as a boolean.

Maybe i’m missing something, so please let me know if this makes sense or if there are any further questions.


Hi @MrGeneration ,
i saw that you’ve changed the category to “Technical assistance”.
So i assume tha i’m doing something wrong when configuring the userrights.
Can you help me with this?


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Users / Customers are not namespaced by group.
Agents can always see / find all customers and organizations.

Please have a look at the documentation.

Hello @techteam-mdg how did you solve your problem?

@MrGeneration I understand your comment so it’s not possible to assign groups to clients?

Hello @rogeralmeida1910 ,

till now we didn’t solve it, because we were waiting for a reply.

@MrGeneration my understanding of this is, that if one agent is restricted to only edit tickets inside Group X they should also only be able to see Users within that group.